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sell a home for cash

If you own your own property and are in debt, you might want to think about selling it to resolve your debt issues. Maybe you inherited the property and want some money now or perhaps your life circumstances changed? Job relocation? Divorced and need to sell your home fast? Retired and want to get on […]

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short sales vs foreclosure

Your home mortgage is a secured loan and your house acts (short sale) as the collateral for the debt. If you cannot pay back the money you owe, the lender could foreclose on the house. The lender would take the home and sell it, using the proceeds from the sale to pay back what you […]

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Stop Home foreclosure

Refinancing your home may be able to help you stop home foreclosure under certain circumstances. Refinancing a loan means you get a new loan that has different terms, conditions and requirements. You pay off your old loan with the money from the new loan. Many people refinance with the same mortgage lender who gave them […]

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